Exploring the intimacy of self, primal beauty and the origins of space & time.

spirit, life & death

The thematic starting point is the question of how far we can be authentic. The question of representation for a external environment and internal reality, the separation of stage space and everyday life space forces itself on me in my work as a dancer and choreographer again and again. Vanishing reflects on how immediacy is produced or how choreography can create space and time to let this arise.

The crew of dancers accordingly are strong individuals capable of strange body language and expression. As in “Lost Dog” certain frames are given to be improvised by the dancers.

An important source of inspiration is the Japanese Gutai GROUP founded in 1954 by Shozo Shimamoto and Jiro Joshihara. The word “Gutai” means “concrete” in opposite to “abstract” or “theoretically”. In his “Gutai Manifesto” from 1956 Joshihara emphasizes the importance of destruction and decay to bring out the inner life, the true nature of things and to bring them back to the state of original beauty.

Hideto Heshiki